SP 1000SR/SN – SP 1250SR/SN PLUS – SP 2000SR/SN

sp series std
Keeping intersections alive during power failures, Clary’s SP Series is the world’s most advanced Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for traffic applications. Without compromising existing cabinet wiring, the SP Series keeps LED signal heads running for up to 8 hours or more during power failures. Clary’s continuous power systems fit inside most existing cabinets and meet all NEMA temperature specifications. Optional NEMA 3R Type II and Type III cabinets are available.

These systems also provide clean, regulated power for controllers and other sensitive equipment inside the cabinet. The SP1000SR/SN systems are intended for application where load usage will not exceed 875 watts. These systems are also available with a extended load option SP1250 SR/SN PLUS that will allow for 1400 watts peak load for a ten second interval. This option accommodates intersections that have not yet replaced the yellow incandescent traffic lamps. Additionally, Clary can provide a SP2000SR/SN system that will sustain a continuous 1400 watt load. These systems require eight batteries and additional cabinet space or a separate cabinet such as the Clary CBO-123 UPS cabinet.

Advanced communication features allow monitoring, configuration and control of the system over RS232, modem or network connections. Available for both NEMA and 170 style cabinets.