Outpost Batteries


The OutpostTM batteries are designed for deep cycle, extreme temperature applications. They have been field tested
and used for years in the traffic and ITS market as well as the US military. Operational from -40°C to +74°C (-40°F to
+165°F). Available in 41, 51 & 105 Ampere-Hour (AH) ratings.

Outpost batteries are sealed lead acid batteries built using an advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction with microporous spun glass separators. The result is a highly reliable, non-spillable, maintenance-free battery usable in the most demanding applications. The casing is a copolymer polypropylene technology originally developed for military jet fighter applications where wide temperature range performance is demanded. Positive plates—special lead calcium. Includes models: OP72C-41, OP96C-41, OP72D-51, OP96D-51, OPB-1241, OPB-1251, OPB-12105.