HAWK Traffic Signal


McCain’s HAWK (High-Intensity Activated CrossWalK Beacon) Traffic Signals quickly alert drivers to pedestrian presence at a mid-block pedestrian crossing by demonstrating a flashing-amber to stationary-red sequence. Pedestrian activated HAWK signals only stop traffic as needed allowing for longer periods of uninterupted traffic flow. The housings are compliant with multiple agency standards including the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Caltrans, and most state Departments of Transportation (DOTs). McCain offers these signal assemblies with a wide range of mounting options and accessories, including backplates and visors to meet your traffic signal requirements.


• Increases pedestrian safety
• Alerts drivers to pedestrian presence
• Creates safer mid-block pedestrian crossings without the need for a traditional intersection
• Fabricated from aluminum or polycarbonate with 10% fiberglass reinforcement (available without fiberglass reinforcement)
• Provides protection from elements with weathertight doors