McCain 352i ATC Cabinet


McCain’s 352i ATC Cabinet is an advanced transportation controller cabinet designed to increase driver and personnel safety, and provide state-of-the-art intersection control for any size intersection. Its revolutionary design combines the best of existing standards with the latest technology, while providing a viable migration path to low-voltage intersections. Compact, high density (HD) components enhance operations while providing extra space for equipment or storage. Designed with safety as a paramount feature, the cabinet incorporates National Electrical Codes (NEC), or NFPA 70, by safeguarding users from accidental contact with components over 50V and housing the main circuit breaker at the point of power service entry.


  • Detects a dark approach through load current
  • Manages up to 120 detector inputs and 32-channel outputs
  • Offers increased functionality through compact high density components
  • Safeguards against accidental contact per NEC
  • Enables migration to 48 VDC or ultra-low power LEDs
  • Provides continuous monitoring of FTR and flasher status
  • Allows for hot swappable output assembly