Driver Feedback Signs


RTC’s 12″ and 15″ Driver Feedback Signs use radar technology to detect and display the speed of oncoming traffic The high-visibility LEDs
alert motorists of their speed, resulting in safer traffic flow.
The RTC Driver Feedback Sign system integrates seamlessly with RTC School Zone Flasher systems or can operate independently as
a stand-alone sign.

Features and Sepcifications

  • 12″ or 15″ digits, high-visibility amber LEDs
  • Radar range of up to 300 feet
  • Designed to integrate with new or existing RTC School Zone Systems
  • Radar signs can be programmed with variable display settings, based on the time of day and the relay status programmed into the RTC AP22 time switch. Our radar signs can utilize existing power from school zone cabinets and integrate with existing RTC equipment (AP22, M2M, GuardianTM) to meet your needs.
  • Ideal for 1-lane or 2-lane roadways with speed limits below 45 mph
  • Meets MUTCD specification
  • Data analytics displayed in (see below)
  • Adjust sign settings remotely through
    (cell modem required)
  • Set minimum and maximum display speeds
  • Set speed limit/violator speed
  • Configure alternative speed settings during school zone operation
  • White strobe LEDs when a speed violator is detected (optional)
  • Display fastest speed or strongest signal
  • Adjust radar sensitivity